Thursday, October 6, 2011

Report on Occupy Nashville

At noon on Oct. 6th, in Nashville, TN, over 200 protestors gathered at Legislative Plaza to hold the first rally of the Occupy Nashville movement, a branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been making headlines in recent weeks. At the rally there was a very diverse crowd of people ranging from libertarians to socialists to anarchists holding signs with phrases including “End the Fed,” “Tax the rich,” and “End corporate welfare,” while chanting slogans such as “we are the 99%” and “the people united will never be defeated.”
At the rally, YAL@VU volunteers distributed copies of The Morality of Capitalism while one member held up this sign:

Around 2PM, the protestors moved to the front steps of the Nashville branch of the Federal Reserve where several members of the crowd began speeches on inflationary tactics used by the Fed to prop up the economy.
Around 4PM, protestors headed to Centennial Park , where we interviewed some of them: