Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seasteading and The Seasteading Institute - A Q&A with Tony Dreher

In continuing our mission of hosting educational events on topics in libertarianism, we hosted this meeting on Sept. 26th to educate members on the concept of Seasteading and the work of The Seasteading Institute. We screened a TEDx presentation by Patri Friedman followed by a Q&A with Tony Dreher, an ambassador for The Seasteading Institute.

Patri's presentation can also be viewed on YouTube and is embedded below.

Patri Friedman is the founder and chairman of the Board of The Seasteading Institute and the CEO of Future Cities Development Inc. He earned a BS in math from Harvey Mudd College, an MS in computer science from Stanford University, and an MBA from Cardean University. While in school he experimented with technology startups, ran a small consulting business, and co-founded two intentional communities. In 2004 he joined Google to work as a software engineer.

In 2008 he left Google and co-founded The Seasteading Institute with seed funding from entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Peter Thiel. He is also a prolific writer on political theory and philosophy, and has appeared in hundreds of media stories worldwide, including NPR, BBC, and The Economist. Patri comes from a line of great revolutionary thinkers, his grandfather Milton Friedman was the 1976 Nobel Laureate in economics, and his father David Friedman is a well-known political theorist and festival founder.

Learn more about The Seasteading Institute and its ambassador program:

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